The applications of waterjets

Waterjets also are an excellent alternative for cutting soft materials that are prone to smashing when cut with traditional cutting devices.

WaterJet Technology Association History

Stainless steel catch tank for durable use. There will be small size waterjet machine tools in nearly every shop that has a vertical machining center, or a lathe.

Waterjets can pierce their own material that requires no additional fixturing. This is close to the current situation. Lasers need the material to be relatively flat uniform. This will be driven by a combination of: The water pressure inside the inlet is increased by the pump and forced backwards through a nozzle.

No burr, a little HAZ.

Digital Cutting Systems

Reasonable price of machine. Custom fabricated gaskets or other rubber parts for both OEM and individual users. Flat bed plasma cutting for plates, or rotation structure for plasma pipe cutting.

Waterjet History

Wire EDM -- slow cutting speed, but it is able to cut very thick material. This enables abrasive to get high kinetic energy at lower pressure with less power driving the pump so that the watejet pump can be made small and light in weight. More direct drive pumps The shift from older intensifier pump designs to more efficient and faster cutting direct drive pumps will continue.

Within the 3 or 4 inches length of mixing tube, energy transfer is not very efficient and puts on high requirement of ultra high pressure. A small direct drive centrifugal type of unit, the Rainbow gave a good performance in a suitable light craft, without the noise of a gearbox.

Large diameter, single stage unit. Plasma cutting can cut electrically conductive materials, up to 6" of aluminum.

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The advantage of water blast cleaning is that it does not creat health killer dust as sand blasting, and does not damage the surface of parts to be cleaned.

This pressure transducer is especially useful in a feedback loop of pressure control for applications such as waterjet cutting machines.

Give us a call at the number below, or complete our contact form. Waterjet in any industry The versatility of the waterjet allows it to be used in nearly every industry. Within the 3 or 4 inches length of mixing tube, energy transfer is not very efficient and puts on high requirement of ultra high pressure.

Digital cutting systems developed an amazing waterjet software that can be installed in any waterjet machine, it is user friendly and a bug free software. Our systems are suited for heavy duty, high volume applications, to help our customers solve their manufacturing challenges.

We are one of the few waterjet manufacturers willing to custom engineer solutions to satisfy specific cutting needs, making us the go-to waterjet supplier for solving the world’s toughest waterjet problems.

Waterjet Applications

In 16’Th century, Toogood and Hays for the first time proposed waterjet propulsion system, as reported by J.S.

Carlton [1].

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At that period of time, waterjet propulsions. Home / Waterjet Applications Waterjet Applications Listed below are some of a variety of industry and material specific waterjet applications that we know make excellent use of waterjet cutting technology. Doen WaterJets Welcome to the official page of Doen WaterJets; a leading manufacturer of waterjet propulsion systems for commercial & military applications. New Technologies Raise the Bar for Abrasive Waterjets An OMAX Tilt-a-Jet cutting applications Call us at or visit us online for ordering, Versatility Helps Waterjets Expand The breadth of applications found for waterjets is ex.

The applications of waterjets
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